In trying to trace out the destiny of the twelve tribes of Israel, what we must do is remember that the Bible is the Word of God Himself. So it is inerrant and the words there describe a reality that we have to accept as the truth. We can’t think of it simply as myth. The reason is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, He is God, He cannot lie, and every word of God is true.

Let us try to trace the tribe of Dan. Dan is a name that means “justice”. When his father Jacob in Egypt blessed his sons, he said that Dan would “achieve justice for his kindred” and he is “a serpent by the roadside, a horned viper by the path” (Gen.49: 16-17). In the Book of Judges the next time we read of Dan in the Canticle of the prophetess Deborah after the battle between Barak and the Canaanites she is praising the different tribes that participated in the battle. She says “Why did Dan spend his time in ships?” (Judges 6:17). This is about the year 1000 B.C. At the very same time there are ship people from the South who raided and conquered Troy (the Trojan War) – that part of the world was under the domination of the people who were from Elysia, who were descendents of the Japhet people. The Battle of Troy was between them and the ones who were attacking them, the Achaeans, who were descendents of that part of the tribe of Dan who had taken to the ships. The Japhetites developed high culture and were very noble people. (Today’s Japanese people came from them.) But they were attacked by the Dannites. The battle was memorialized by Homer in the story of the Trojan War. They lost, and for about 200 years there was just nothing. Then in about the year 800 B.C. there arose the great scholars, like Aristotle, and the famous Greek culture resumed development.

The great culture resulted in the fusion of these people with the Dannites – these people were Elysians. The Dannites were small in number, the Elysians large. These people still exist. Mother Theresa of Calcutta is from that tribe. We call them ? Members of that tribe still exist among the Japanese because the Oriental people are hunters and gatherers and so they always migrate.

During that period of Judges, a group of Dannites – 600 warriors – migrated. It’s recorded in the Book of Judges that they migrated to a town near Damascus. They slaughtered all the inhabitants and took over their town. That group of 600 had a priest with them. They kept migrating and when the Assyrians started to break loose from their area in around 800, the Dannites were pushed all the way to Afghanistan. There they settled. To this day there is a tribe of Afghans who call themselves Children of Israel. It is clear that all the Israelites have a tendency to lose their own language and assume the language of the people around them, although they did not mingle with them. They kept their marriages to themselves to maintain their integrity. But they kept part of their language – they called themselves the Dannites.

The next time we read about them they have met Oriental people who are excellent horsemen, because their totem animal was the horse. They became horsemen themselves and finally, around the year 700, we find them raiding the northern parts above the Caucasus and finally settling above the Ukraine. These people know they are the tribe of Dan. They are the ancestor of the German people (for example, the word “Denmark” means “the edge of Dan”. It is ironic that the German people are one of the tribes of Israel in spite of the fact that they have this antipathy toward the Jewish people.