One has to realize that suffering was not God’s original plan for us. When He created the universe, all things were created good, including ourselves. But Original Sin introduced into nature a disorder. Now we try to do things our way and not God’s way – that’s the source of our suffering. And since self-interest was now the rule of mankind after the Fall, there’s no way out of the dilemma . Our actions are so self-centered that somebody’s always hurt. And when the hurt is on us, it’s one thing. If it’s on another, even if it doesn’t hurt us it’s still evil. Evil is still in the world.

So Jesus came into this Creation in order to re-introduce the concept of Divine love. Now we realize that suffering is such a strange thing, yet it’s always here, always on us. Our lives cannot pass without suffering. And the question is: why doesn’t God do something about it? As a matter of fact, He shows us how to use suffering in a good way, in a positive way.

And don’t forget that suffering always leads to death.

But What Jesus’ life shows us and what He tells us in His teachings is that God uses what is in our nature now in order to save us, and for the salvation of mankind. So all the suffering in your life…including death…is ultimately for our good. Nothing will happen to you in your life that is not for your good if you use it correctly.

The problem is we reject His work in our lives. We need to realize that if we accept His work in our lives then the suffering we go through is light because it’s part of God’s will to take care of us. It’s also redemptive because it helps us get closer to God. If we reject His work and try to design our own lives it becomes so burdensome it can destroy us.

By not knowing how God works in this universe, we sometimes have to trust Him blindly with divine faith. This is what Job’s problem was. Job suffered, yes, but he also wanted to know the reason. God didn’t tell him the reason because he wouldn’t have understood it. For example, how could he know that people would be reading his book 3,000 years later. All the other effects of those actions of Job’s life are unfathomable to any human being.

To trust God blindly is our safest position. This is why He asks for faith. He shows us He loves us so that we can trust Him, shows us how much He loves us by dying for us, so that we can trust Him. It’s called Faith. For example, our faith depends on the fact that He was charged by the courts of his time for blasphemy because He claimed to be God as well as man. And by rising from the dead He proved He was God as well as man. That is why the Resurrection is such an important event in our universe. Therefore, since He loves us so much He would die for us you have to trust Him blindly.

Now realizing this, our suffering – as long as it can be united with that of Jesus – becomes a gift from God for our salvation, not only for us but for the Church. This is exactly the power that the saints have shown all these years. When they pray for someone they always use the power of Jesus Christ’s passion and death as the source of the grace for all of us.

We have no power on our own – nothing we can do to save ourselves. But if we unite ourselves with the Passion and Death of Our Lord then everything that happens to us is of a redemptive nature. This was the thinking of the Little Flower, one of the greatest saints of our time. She teaches us that the smallest suffering, united with that of Jesus, becomes redemptive.

So have no fear. The problems in our lives are difficult, but if we use them we become agents of His redemption in the world.

Fear of trusting in God is the only thing that can defeat us.