The events at Fatima in Portugal


The true history of the 20th century will never appear in the standard history books you will read in school. The hand of God is too clearly seen in the events for the secular historians to acknowledge. It was an infamous century whose devastation began with the First World War However, as you will see, where sin abounds, grace the more abounds (Romans 5:20).

Actually the destruction of Western Civilization which took place in the 20th century had its beginnings with Martin Luther’s challenge to the Church in 1517. The crevasse between Protestant Europe and that part that clung to the ancient Faith broke open with all of its virulence with the declaration of war on Serbia in August 1914 by the Austro- Hungarian Empire. This took place one month after the assassination of the heir-apparent to the Empire by agents of the French Masons in Sarajevo. Emperor Franz Joseph insisted that the Serbs be punished for protecting the assassins and declared war on that country.

The autocratic Czar of Russia considered it his duty to protect that Slavic nation so he declared war on Austria. The Austrians had treaties with Germany, so Germany entered the war and immediately attacked France which had come in as an ally of Russia.

The German high command had secretly planned the attack on France long before; it involved outflanking all the French defenses by invading Belgium and striking South to take Paris. By violating the neutrality of Belgium they gave the British an excuse to jump into the melee. Germany had mutual defense treaty arrangements with Turkey and Bulgaria both of which declared war on the allies. The Italians, having treaties with Britain and France, and wanting to unite the Austrian holdings in Northern Italy with the rest of the nation, declared war on the Central Powers.

Thus began the horror of the collapse of the West.

The German plan almost worked, but Paris was saved by an army that met the Germans at the Marne and deflected their attack. The war began in August, by the end of that month the machine guns were set up. They dominated the battlefield for the entire war, making any significant advances on either side almost impossible. The armies dug into trenches to protect themselves from the withering fire and fought for, literally, a few feet of territory. The Eastern Front also froze into immobility after Poland had been engulfed by Germany and Austria.

On reviewing the events that took place, it is hard to avoid the observation that something diabolical was at work. The leaders of all the countries involved really lost their heads. The casualties on all sides were unimaginably enormous. In the first three weeks of war there were more than one million casualties. In 1915 more than four million casualties occurred without any change in the position of the armies. In 1916, two and a quarter million bled and died on the Western Front alone.

On February 1916, the Germans attacked the French fortress at Verdun. It was the linchpoint of the French defensive fortifications in the South. The German Command knew that the French would do anything to hold it so they deliberately left one road open so that men and supplies could be brought in. Then they wheeled up their 155 long rifles and their Mortars, bombarding the fortress incessantly. They fired so many shells that the lands on the 155 mm rifles wore out.

Almost one million Frenchmen bled or died to hold that fort. At the end of the attack, in October, the French and Germans held exactly the same positions as when they started.

To relieve the pressure on Verdun, the British and French attacked the German lines at the Somme. That summer over six hundred thousand French and British soldiers were killed or wounded to gain just eight miles while six hundred and fifty thousand Germans were killed or wounded to limit the advance. Thirty casualties paid for every foot of that advance. On 1 July 1916, the British army lost sixty thousand men — the largest loss of men on a single day in the history of the British Army.

Although by the beginning of 1915 it was obvious that no one could win that war and that they were destroying Europe, only Pope Benedict XV and the heir to the Austrian throne, Charles (now declared “blessed“ by the Church), made any effort to come to a cease-fire. The madness rolled on, ultimately destroying the Russian Empire as well as the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Into the chaos came Lenin and his Bolsheviks engineering the Communist take-over of the Russian Empire and initiating the most terrifying police state in History. The chaos into which Germany fell at the end of the war gave the Nazi Party the opportunity to take over that country. Thus was set the stage for a century of horror and destruction.



In Portugal, on the periphery of Europe, in the summer of 1916, three little shepherd children: Jacinta and Francisco Marto — brother and sister six and eight years old respectively and Lucia Abobora, their cousin, aged nine, were tending their sheep when they were visited by an angel who taught them some prayers and asked for sacrifices and prayers for the salvation of souls. That year they saw angels twice more.

On 13 May 1917, when the madness of war reached unbelievable heights, and the Russian government collapsed, The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the three children while they were tending their sheep near the town of Fatima.

Czar Nicholas had abdicated in March of that year after his troops refused to fire on people rioting for bread in Petrograd. From that event until November of that fateful year, Russia was in complete confusion. In November, Lenin declared the Communist Revolution and his party took over the Russian world.

Our Lady appeared to the children on the 13th of each month from May until October except for one month when the children were being held in prison. No one else but the children ever saw or heard her; however, to them, she prophesied the end of he war and pleaded for repentance of the people and penance because if we didn’t another even more devastating war would break our later. She predicted that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world unless people repented. She said, however, “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Of course, we did not repent. In the US we were not even aware of the events at Fatima until the beginning of the Second World War Even then; it seemed a far-fetched idea that Our Lady could conquer such a powerful slave state as the Union of Soviet Republics.

Stalin and Hitler, together, were responsible for the deaths of over two hundred million people. Chairman Mao, the communist leader of China is credited with killing at least 300 million. The statistics of suffering during the Nazi and Communist domination of Europe are really beyond conceiving — making the insanity of the First World War seem like child’s play.

All this time, the Church kept asking for prayers and sacrifices. The voice of Mary was barely heard over the thunder of the guns. For years, only the old folks and a few “fanatics” would do as Our Lady had asked and meet on Saturdays to attend Mass and say the Rosary for the Conversion of Russia.

It seemed like such an impossible agenda that I, for one, hardly paid any attention. The Blue Army, and other Marian organizations promoted the Rosary –but I felt that if the whole world had to respond to Mary’s request — it was a lost cause.

However, little by little, the idea that Mary’s Immaculate Heart would rescue Russia seemed to grow.

Suddenly, one fateful day (1 December 1989) there was an article in the newspapers that Mikhail Gorbachev, Premier of the Soviet Republics and heir to the power of Joseph Stalin had gone to Rome to visit the Pope.

There were pictures of the Pope giving a blessed Rosary to Raissa, Gorbachev’s wife.


What could have possibly happened that the Premier of the Soviet system would go his mortal “enemy” for a state visit?

As we now know, it was to ask the Pope for his help in dismantling the Socialistic system without bloodshed.

Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart did triumph! Political pundits have tried repeatedly to analyze the events in the fall of the Soviets in order to explain the amazing sequence of events. This powerful and enormous tyranny fell without any deaths except four men — one of whom was an Old Bolshevik who committed suicide when the attempt to retake the system failed.

What happened?

To understand the dynamics involved we have to examine how Our Lady’s Agents worked. The world cannot accept this, because they were such unlikely agents — people with no power at all, who did not even know how they were to affect History. Rev, FPF — A.M.D.G.