NOTE TO MOTHERS Actual and Potential

Since my family has a new group of babies being born I feel I should thank the Lord publicly for them. Remember that mothers and, really, every woman has to be encouraged to not be afraid of what they are called by the Creator to do — that is, pass on Life to succeeding generations.

Every woman, as we all know, is a beautiful work of God and should be treated as such by everyone and they should keep themselves in such a way as to be worthy of the work of being a temple of life. God’s creation takes place in women and so they are holy to the Lord whether they generate children physically or not. As a corallory duty,women pass on the culture of our society to their children.

I am very grateful to God that my female descendants, like my wife , are willing to accept what God sends to them. They are very happy in their vocation. Timidity — as I have often said, is a great enemy of ours: it makes us afraid of cooperating with God’s plans and so interferes with our salvation and that of those for whom we are responsible.

Thus I would like to counsel every woman, not just those of my family, to not be afraid to have children in Holy wedlock and to strive to raise the children for God and not for the Devil. This last is the responsibility shared by every Christian.

Jesus came to give us the opportunity to go to heaven, eventually; a gift that is free and always there in His Church. For us to not accept this gift is foolish indeed. He said that we have to teach what He taught and Baptize in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit ( last chapter in the Gospel of Mark) and those who are baptized and believe will be saved.

-However, there is something to understand beyond that: — there is an enemy of our salvation who lurks around each human. These bad angels cannot hurt us in any way because we are protected by God; but they can tempt us. God permits these temptations so we may prove the reality of our love of God and our desire to serve Him alone.

What each of us has to be aware of and what we must teach our children is that the angels communicate with us though our thoughts. So, not every thought in your head is yours. This is very important to remember ourselves and to teach children.

There are thoughts that are our own -generally pretty ordinary. There are thoughts given to us by our Guardian Angels — if we follow those thoughts we will be safe and happy here on earth and will finally get to heaven. But there also thoughts generated by our guardian devil. These always lead to sin although they may seem very ordinary.

When sin is serious enough (“mortal,” sin: that is to say, we know the act is against the Will of God and we do it anyway) we can no longer hear the guidance of the Angel who is the agent of the Creator in our lives. We follow the other thoughts. That is when the troubles start because the enemy fools us into thinking that bad is good and that the Creator has abandoned us. He tells us that God protects those who protect themselves. We have to teach our children what a temptation is and how to avoid it.

I have noticed that more spiritually inclined souls are attacked in subtle ways — always appealing to pride. “You are too smart to fall for that line” — your tempter tells you –“Your parents ( or teachers of Catholic Faith) are trying to control you, again ; lucky you know how to think for yourself.” Etc. etc.

The enemy tries to get you to stop going to Sacraments. In that way you do not have the ability to resist him. You have discarded the gift of defense provided us by Jesus when he died. If the demon can tempt you to physical sins — he will do it and keep you enslaved to that sin. Then, his greatest weapon is depression and fear.

I hope some of you who are depressed read this –DEPRESSION AND DISCORAGEMENT COME FROM TRYING TO SOLVE PROBLEMS YOU CANNOT SOLVE. And WHEN YOU CANNOT SOLVE A PROBLEM IT IS NOT YOURS TO SOLVE — IT BELONGS TO OUR CREATOR. Then the enemy makes you afraid to resort to the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist — which are the way we learn to avoid trying to do things that are not ours to do.

So, I urge you potential and actual Mothers (and Fathers) to teach your children how to avoid temptation. Point out that not all our thoughts are our own and if we can control the ones we listen to we not only will never sin but we will lead safe and happy lives and also get to heaven.

The thoughts of the enemy may be very subtle so that you hardly notice that they are not yours — however they lead to sin and death. The best way to reject the thoughts that will lead you to sin is to think :”Jesus Christ is Lord” and then make acts of love to Him. Never try to argue with a temptation but try to think of something else — preferably the life of Jesus — but even getting busy hiking or painting or any other activity that draws you away from those discouraging thoughts can protect you.

Also, develop the habit of praying to God by talking to him in your mind. Talk to him about your problems; about the beautiful things you see; about the fun you had —etc. Jesus is a wonderful companion but he cannot enter unless you invite him. Our relationship with Jesus is one of Love — and that cannot be forced.

In closing I want to say that I am very proud, not only of my children and their descendants – but of the many young people of our time who go forward trusting that God will take care of them and who push fear out of their hearts.