ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAGA, S.J. 21 June 21, 2011

A great Jesuit saint who died as a very young man while still a novice. He was noted for his innocence as well as his mortifications. The two, you know, go together.

Chastity, in our time has been greatly denigrated. Actually, it is a virtue of great importance. A chaste person is obedient to the reason for his existence, which certainly does not include sin. A chaste person can allow the Creator to act through him to save others.

God, as you know, is Love and we are made in his image — thus we need to love and to be loved to be in harmony with our basic design. It is only by being in harmony with the reason for our existence that we can be at peace and without peace we can never be truly happy in this life or the next. The selfishness of sin corrupts love.

It is really hard to maintain your innocence in our society because the media is in the hands of people who push sin and unchastity all the time. For example it is commonly held by young people that when they go to College they are expected not to come back but to be on their own. Being alone you lose the protection of those who love you and are exposed to the traps sowed by the enemy. As long as we live in normal families, the unity of the family is the way the culture is transmitted and the way we manage to form good people who try to serve God and not the World. Women, for example, were carefully protected by the family. They always dressed modestly and were treated with respect. Now, every young lady feels she has to advertise her body everywhere in order to ge popular.

As a result , men find if very hard to maintain chastity.

This is why I am writing this to you: to teach how to maintain your integrity in the midst of serious temptations.

On the feast of the Holy Eucharist the Perpetual Adoration sisters in San Francisco have an outdoor procession on Haight St. to honor the Blessed Sacrament. It is to show our love and respect for what Jesus has done for us in the Church.

Perhaps 200 people may participate.

The same day on Market St. 500 , 000 homosexuals parade their defiance of the Creator. It is true that there are probably not may more than that in the United States but they gather all that they can to make a statement that IT IS GOD’S FAULT.

Every single one of those poor deluded people are victims of the inability to understand the character of temptation.

They would be free of that slavery to sensuality if they realized that every sin and every act contrary to the Law of our Maker starts with thoughts.


And the same thing is true of us. If we know how to control our thoughts we would not sin no matter how flagrant the temptations.

That is why I am writing this to teach you how to control your thoughts and so spend your life serving the Creator and not the devil; thus you can spend your eternity happy in your heavenly home.

What is the secret?

Well, not every thought comes from us. There are three kinds of thoughts in your head: (a.) YOURS, (b.) YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL and (c.) THOSE PROMPTED BY YOUR GUARDIAN DEVIL.

Those who become homosexuals, for example, think that the thoughts and odd desires floating in their minds are a sign that they are not normal. This is an idea that the tempter re-inforces over and over.

Those who maintain their integrity in the face of a barrage of sensuous thoughts are those that realize these thoughts are not theirs and can be rejected by ignoring them.

As I have told you before the best way to defeat the tempter is to ignore him.

However that is hard to do sometimes. Therefore, If you have thoughts, feelings, moods, etc. that depress you, discourage you, make you sad, feel sorry for yourself, excite you, lead to morbid curiosity; or disturb you in any way like evoke fear or timidity, anxiety and worry; know that the thoughts are from your enemy and can be safely ignored. Your Creator loves you with an overwhelming love and will not let these things reach you. All you have to do is remind the demon that “Jesus Christ is Lord” (a phrase he hates and fears) and then think of Jesus and simply tell him you love him. As long as the temptation lasts, do the same thing and try to think of Jesus. You will see that tranquility will return and (if you are free from Mortal sin) your heart will regain its peace.

Remember, things you cannot control are not your responsibility. Actually many people find physical activity helps protect them from these disturbing thouhgts.

Once the enemy has you listening to him he will lead you to all kinds of aberrations of thought and action.

You have to remember that we humans are in the middle of a cosmic battle between the Creator and his enemy. The battlefield is your soul; so the wise person stays close to Jeus who will protect us.

To keep close to the Lord requires frequent recourse to prayer and the Sacraments. I suggest that you go to confession at least once a month and never miss mass and the opportunity to go to communion.

Also — a very important point — Mortal Sin closes the Lord’s ability to guide you. The reason is that you can no longer hear your guardian angel directly, having chosen another voice.

This is where the other part of St. Aloysius’ teaching comes in. We have to practice self-control in order to resist the false lights of sin. If we give in to every whim we will wind up drugged sponges completely ruled by the enemy.

Every Catholic must practice some penance in order to be saved. It certainly does not need to be heroic, like those of some saints == but, like the Little Flower, we can practice a penance within our powers and Our Lord will multiply the effect in our lives.

She used to do simple things == like be kind to someone you do not like. Being patient with someone who annoys you, Not saying a cutting remark. Holding back negative talk or smiling patiently when you are falsely accused.

Remember, you belong to the Creator and if you do not do his Will you will lose the reason for your existence. That is a pathway to despair.
Seek good companions who are also trying to be good and be a good companion by giving good example.