A friend of mine was recently given a brief vision of a elderly deceased relative. This relative seemed much younger and strong. The seer remembers that the brief vision evoked no sense of fear; suggesting that it was not a diabolical illusion. The deceased person sparkled and shone with a beautiful light.

My friend was granted a glimpse of the change that takes place in us through the purification of the Sacraments and the events of Purgatory. The deceased, once purified, now is completely filled with the Grace of God, which is His own life of Divine Love.

This vision makes us realize that what is waiting for us is so incredibly wonderful that we cannot even conceive of extraordinary nature of what God has in store for His faithful.

We will be healed and perfected by the power that created all things: Divine Love. To accept and pass on the Love of God is the force that will make us share in the Life of God, forever.

St. Paul says as much in his letters.

If this is so, then we should look forward to the next life with eager longing and without any fear. Perfect Love is waiting for us — and perfect love casts out fear.

Also, we should welcome the opportunity we have in the present life of preparing for this great gift. The imperfection that we have to grow out of is the fundamental effect of Original Sin. That is, we have to try and stop living for ME and a live only for the God who made us.

We spend all our lives thinking about ourselves: how to protect me from embarrassment; how to protect myself from being taken advantage of; how to protect myself from poverty; how to beat out the other person; etc. etc.

This self preoccupation leads us to be jealous and to let envy grow until it makes my life miserable to see my competitor succeed. It really is the root of war, class and racial hatred, and injustices of every kind.

However, now that Jesus has shown is in so many way how much he Loves us and to what extents He will go to save us, we have to begin putting all that aside. That is the way the ordinary human thinks and acts. We have been Baptized and received the Divine Love the Lord gave his Church when he gave His life on the Cross.

I strongly encourage each of us to put fear, timidity and self-preoccupation aside. When we find ourselves thinking only about self — my memories, my plans,my failures, etc. etc. we should make an apology to the Lord and tell Him how much we love Him and want to serve Him. Then we should try to think of Jesus: His life; His goodness; His power; His divine kindness.

When we deal with any human being, we should try not to think of that person as a competitor, but as someone we have to help come closer to God. After all, our Baptism makes us members of Christ’s Body and so we have to complete His work of saving souls.

When we feel the emotion of envy we should immediately work against that evil sentiment by praying for the person who makes us jealous, that God would give them even greater gifts. When you act contrary to an emotion you conquer it. Remember feelings have no brains and so are irrational; the need to be controlled by your Will.

Believe me, this self-forgetfulness is not only the was to present peace but the opening of the door to the perfection waiting for us in Heaven.

Love -frf