During the Kennedy Administration,  Gaylord Perry , a very fine pitcher for the San Francisco Giants was being interviewd.  Gaylord Perry hailed from the South and was a devout Christian.   He had a large family of eight children. Mr. Perry was a very good pitcher but a very poor batter.   That combination is not unusal in Baseball. During the interrview the interlocutor brought up the subject of his hitting skills.   Mr Perry acknowledged his poor performance in that aspect of Baseball; and, as a joke,  mentioned that we would probably have a man on the moon before he hit his first home run.

In 1969, Mr. Armstrong stepped  on the moon; the first human to do so.

 A few hours lateer, Mr. Perry  HIT HIS FiRST HOME RUN OF HIS CAREER.

The reason I like that story is because it demonstrates how our Guardian angels are always  with us and see and hear everything  in our lives.   It also demonstrates how kind is the Creator who would respond to Me. Perry in this beautiful way. It shows the truth that Our Creator loves us as a tender Father loves his child and so we need have no fear of repenting and going to Him in complete trust.