The blogs that will appear on this site are based on the premis that The Creator is the only true God.

It is clear that there are many, in our time, who claim to be atheists. However, it is my experience, as a Biologist that no one really is an atheist if they have really thought about it. Every scientist of my acquaitance, when not invoved in polemics, realizes that there is a Creator, but they do not want the Creator to be their god.

Some evene want to call themselves anathiests;however it is impossible for a human with a rational mind to not have a god. No one who is free,can live without some rules or guidlines. That which determines your values is your god. In hebrew one of the words for “god” is “el” which is also used for the word “judge”.

It is clear that the atheist, ultimtely, wants to be his owe god and set up his own parameters of action.

This site is based on the acceptance of the Crator as God. That He truly has a personal interest in each one of us and that he guides his Creation.

To ask for proof is foolish. The very fact that there is any rational organization in Creation is inexplicable unless one sees an almighty and omnopotent and alwise hand at work.

But the Creator is wholly outside of His Creation and is a Being that we, who are part of this creation, cannot understand. All we can conjecture from the realities around us is that the Creator is infinitly rational, Good and personally interested in us.

Beyond that we only can understand him by what He is not. Augustine says, truly, if thre is something you can understand it is not The Creator. Thus anything more has to be information that He gives us. And to one who can accept it, He really does communicate reality, as we shall discuss later.

Thus, one has too start wtih the premis that The Creator is a self -subsistent Being that has the quality of Existence in Himself..

Otherwese, as the experinces of modern scholars shows, nothing can be explained.

Thus this site will discsuss religion from the premis that the Creator has a personal interest and guides His Creation.